Yuna Wang

Yuna Wang, Faculty of Commerce

I entered the Sauder School of Business straight out of high school in 2013. While my classmates already knew which of the Big 4 Accounting firms they wanted to work for, I still struggled to understand the difference between finance and accounting. Luckily, my first year cluelessness didn’t persist long as I took every opportunity I could to try new things and get involved at Sauder, UBC, and the surrounding community. It turns out that my passion for creativity and design coupled with my penchant for communication and problem-solving made me a great fit to specialize in Marketing. I am extremely fortunate to have found a field I love working for companies ranging from major financial institutions to tech startups to luxury cosmetics companies around North America and Europe – I have even tried my hand at entrepreneurship and founded two of my own businesses. Currently, I am in Hong Kong on a 6- month internship at Adidas Global HQ, wearing many hats as I work on Communications and Events within the Product Operations portfolio.

After an 8-month stint in Paris, where I studied at Sciences Po and completed a Digital Marketing internship, I knew that I had to get back out and see more of the world. Understanding how to adapt to and work with people around the world is a massive asset in a time of increasing economic globalization. Outside of the workplace, the relationships I have built and the experiences I have had during my time in Hong Kong have informed the direction I want to take my life and career. That level of reflection was able to occur only through pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and forcing myself to take risks. I don’t speak Cantonese (yet), nor do I have a strong understanding of the cultural nuance that drives Hong Kong (yet). However, being able to not only immerse myself but also to thrive in this environment has changed me for the better in ways that will manifest in all aspects of my life.

Aside from the delicious food and beautiful sights, working in Hong Kong has provided me with the skills to adapt to different cultures, access to an invaluable international network, and lifelong friends – and it’s only been a month! Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis on the cutting edge of business, arts, and culture. Given that I know my time here is limited, I have pushed myself to experience the colourful abundance of things to see and do. My time here has enriched my life in a way that would not be possible had I stayed and worked in Vancouver.

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